As an employer with a workforce of 250 employees or more on 5th April 2017, Welbeck House Limited must comply with new legislation on gender pay gap reporting. This requires us to carry out calculations and publish the results each year, showing the size of the pay gap between our male and female employees.


We have calculated the relevant figures for Welbeck House Ltd using the methods set out in the gender pay reporting legislation and these are set out below. I can confirm that these figures have been verified and checked to ensure their accuracy.


Steven Turnbull

Group Finance Director


Gender Pay Report 2017


Mean Gender Pay Gap is 8.1%.  - Women’s mean hourly rate is 8.1% lower than men’s.   

Median Gender Pay Gap is 6.9%.  - Women’s median hourly rate is 6.9% lower than men’s.   

Lower Quartile                                   64% Men 36% Women

Lower Middle Quartile                      65% Men 35% Women

Upper Middle Quartile                      82% Men 18% Women

Upper Quartile                                   82% Men 18% Women


1.5% of Men and 0% of Women receive a bonus

Median bonus Gender pay gap is 100%

Mean bonus Gender pay gap is 100%


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